Prospective Members


Membership in the GER is by invitation only. Prospects may either petition or be nominated for membership in GER. Membership requires payment of a nominal annual fee.

The criteria for membership are defined by the Board of Directors of GER and can be changed at GER's discretion. The main criteria for membership:

  • The member shall be a Business Owner or Senior Executive (e.g., Chairman, CEO, President, or comparable decision-making executive) with a corporation or organization.
  • The member must speak German fluently. German, Swiss or Austrian citizenship are not required for membership.
  • The GER expects its members to contribute time and ideas to the GER and to engage in mutual support within the friendly and familiar relationships GER members maintain with each other.
  •  Members are expected to represent a corporation or organization, but membership is generally individually and is not transferable to the corporation or organization the member belongs to.
  • Although we encourage members to seize business opportunities with each other, we discourage members from promoting their services in an obtrusive or pushy way. Specifically, we do not accept service providers if the sole reason for membership is a profit interest.

There are a number of excellent benefits of membership, including regular and informal networking events and opportunities to present and discuss ideas.  GER also organizes special events and invites interesting outside speakers.

If you think that the GER is a network that you would like to join, please fill out the membership application below. In the “Message” field, please add information about your position, your organization or corporation, where you are based, and why you would like to join GER, in German.

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